Using UAV's for aerial filming brings a whole new dimension to film production. We are able to provide you with perspectives that until now were completely impossible to reach. The only thing that comes close is a full-size helicopter but UAV's, in most cases actually provide much more immersive footage as we can fly at much lower altitudes getting you closer to what you're filming.


Our cameras are attached to the UAV's with a specialst camera platform. This is a gyro-stabilised gimbal that keeps the camera perfectly level and ensures seemless, smooth filming.



The gimbals are cotrolled completely independently of the pilot, by a camera operator. The camera operator can pan and tilt the camera in any direction through 360 degrees, giving us the ability to film completely seperately from whatever direction the UAV is flying in.


The camera footage is transmitted from the UAV instantly to our screens on the ground meaning we can compose the perfect sequences during the flight. If you're a director and have specific requirements on sequences we can give you a screen of your own allowing you to direct us to the exact shots you'd like.