Safety is, without doubt, the single biggest consideration for us when we fly. That's why we have a strict set of guidelines we follow to ensure the safety of the public, our enivronment and our crew.


We fly with a two-man crew; our pilot who is known as the Pilot in Command (PiC) and he is incharge of not only flying the UAV but all safety aspects of the job, the second crew member is our camera/gimbal operator and they are incharge of ensuring we capture exactly the images you need by remaining in control of the camera gimbal. They also act as an Air Support Person (ASP), a second set of eyes and ears for the pilot.


We are fully authorised to carry out aerial work through our "Pemission for Aerial Work" licence, issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. This was only granted once our pilots attended flight school and obtained the BNUC-S qualification from Euro-USC, Europes leading, independent accreditation specialist for 'Airworthiness and Pilot Qualifications'. All our safety guidelines can be found in our Operations Manual which can be viewed at a customers request.


We have radios to contact local air traffic control and aircrafts directly should we find ourselves flying near controlled airspace, meaning we can remain in continual contact ensuring not only our safety, but also that of other air users.


All our UAV's have a number of automatic safety systems built into them, including a 'Return to Home' function, so in the unlikely event that contact is lost with the UAV, it will fly itself back to the take-off site and land itself in a safe and controlled manner.


We also hold £5 million public liability insurance and our certificate can be seen on request.

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