Our Equipment

Named Mantis due to it's front two raised arms looking like a preying Mantis, this is our main workhorse. It's an Octocopter multi-rotor with arguably one of the strongest air frames on the market made by Vulcan UAV.


We've fitted it out with a Cinestar CS3 gyro-stabilised camera gimbal, which gives us 360 degree pan and tilt control of the camera, completely independently of the UAV. 


Although we usually fly it with either our Nikon or BlackMagic camera it's capable of lifting more specialised cameras if required, including a RED Epic camera.

Vulcan Mantis

Vulcan X8

This is our medium sized UAV, technically an octocopter, it has 8 contra-rotating props on it's four raised arms. These contrarotating props give us more stability in stronger winds. It also has retracting legs giving the camera 360 degree visability with no obstructions.


Due to legal requirements, only UAVs that weigh less than 7kg can fly within restricted airspace, which is most of London. We are able to legally fly within London's controlled airspace as our X8 fits into this weight category, many UAV companies cannot offer this.


The whole UAV, including camera gimbal, collapses into some specialist flight cases (pictures below), meaning we can fly anywhere in the world at a moments notice and reassemble it in less than an hour!

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